Calving at Orchard Vets Armagh

Farm Services

At Orchard Veterinary Centre we offer a committed and modern approach to farm animal medicine delivered by our team of vets. We provide a forward thinking approach to health, welfare and production in Dairy & Beef herds and flocks of any size.

Our experienced team provide a 24 hour emergency service.  We are committed to providing a first class service to our clients based a preventative medicine approach backed up by emergency cover that you can rely on.  In addition to treating sick and injured animals we provide a range of other services.

•Fertility sessions – ultrasound scanning in cattle.
•Bull and Ram breeding examinations
•Mastitis and Cell Count investigation
•Free phone advice 24 hours a day from dedicated vets
•Infectious disease monitoring and control, herd health investigations

AFBI Cattle Health Scheme (CHeCS)
•Metabolic profiling
•Ration formulation assessments and production advice
•In house client meetings and talks by external providers
•24 hour emergency service provided by our own experienced vets at Orchard Veterinary centre
•Routine herd monitoring
•Bespoke herd health plans available

LDA Toggle Surgery and conventional LDA surgery

Bull and Ram Vasectomy Surgery

TB testing

Export Certification and Testing

Routine procedures (Dehorning, castration & lameness treatment)